FEM_20 Performance Duets

28th & 29th November 2020

This year we offer FEM_20 as a tribute to our dear friend and artist, Lesley Yendell, who died on October 5th 2020. We will miss her at FEM and in our performance group Ocells al Cap, of which she was a founding member, and we will miss her too at the Corpologia meetings that she was always present at. We also want to make a special FEM dedication to Sally Madge, a great artist and friend from Newcastle who died from COVID this month.

If you would like to attend as a member of the public, please send an EMail request for the link to: info@gresolart.com


Saturday 28th November
19:00 – Enter Zoom
19:15 – Opening of the festival with Denys Blacker and Marta Vergonyós
19:30 – Performance Duets Session 1

Sunday 29th November
18:00 – Enter Zoom
18:15 – Dedication to Lesley Yendell
18:30 – Dedication to Sally Madge
18:45 – Performance Duets Session 2

December 2020 – January 2021
Artist in Residence in collaboration with Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre, Girona

Dates to be decided (COVID 19 RESTRICTIONS ALLOWING)
1. Meeting of Ocells at Cap at la Gola del Ter beach and performance for Lesley.
2. Cara a Cara interviews with selected artists in collaboration with the Francesca Bonnemaison Women’s Culture Centre, La Bonne in Barcelona.

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