Poster edition

The ninth edition of FEM that was organized with many collaborations and in several different locations. The artists gave public presentations of their work at the University of Girona and Barcelona and led workshops at la Mercè (Girona). Fifteen international artists presented their performance works at la Mercè Cultural Centre, the Antoni Tàpies Foundation (Barcelona) and in the Nau Estruch (Sabadell): Maria dos Milagres (PT), Lesley Yendell (UK/CAT), Benedicte Clementsen (N), Angela García (ES), Anne Seagrave (IRL), Marina Torrington (CAT), Monica Ross (UK), Àngels Artigas (CAT), Agnes Nedregard (N), Nora Tinholt (NL), Ana Maeso (ES), Lucia Peiro (ES), Andrea Seamann (CH) and Marylin Arsem (US). Yoko Ono presented My Mommy is Beautiful, an interactive installation at la Mercè and Esther Ferrer (ES) presented a performance at Francesca Bonnemaison, Women’s Cultural Centre la Bonne (Barcelona).

Performance gallery

Agnes Nedregard

Ana Maeso

Andrea Saemann

Ángela García

Anne Seagrave

Benedicte Clementsen

Esther Ferrer

Lesley Yendell

Mª Dos Milagros

Marilyn Arsem

Marina Torrington

Monica Ross

Nora Tinholt

Yoko Ono


Theoric Program

28/11/12 Presentation in the Antoni Tàpies Foundation (Barcelona)

As part of FEM_12, Monica Ross was invited by la Bonne to collaborate with Re.act.Feminism

Grup Theta organised an exhibition of 5-minute performances in which we were able to enjoy the works of different members; Verònica dos, Melissa Caminha, Arkadi Lavoie Lachapelle, L’Orquestra dels uDols, Joana Mollà  and Ayako Zushi.

Assumpta Bassas presented a video by Elena del Rivero.

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