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Gresol is a non – profit association founded in 2002 in Madremanya by a group of people linked to contemporary art and culture with the aim of promoting an exchange of artistic, cultural and contemporary values through the organization of events, festival, meetings and residencies. Gresol organizes activities related to contemporary art practices and particularly performance art.


Denys Blacker

Denys is a transdiciplinary artist who co-founded Gresol in 2002 with the Dutch artist, Anet Van De Elzen, and since then, she has organised numerous international performance art events in Girona and Barcelona, including FEM, an annual festival showcasing the work of women performance artists, now in its 16th edition as well as Acts of Faith & Generosity, MAMA and Borderline.

She is currently directing Intangible Environments a research-based project that investigates non-material aspects of performance art practice and SYNC, an editorial project to showcase the work of performance artists.  She is founder and coordinator of Corpologia, a performance practice meeting and a magazine of the same name, and of the all-women performance telepathy group Ocells al Cap. As coordinator of Gresol she has developed long-term and ongoing collaborations with other institutions and organisations to programme performance art events in Spain and Great Britain including Barcelona University (ES), Girona University (ES), University of Northumbria (GB) The Francesca Bonnemaison Women’s Culture Centre la Bonne (Barcelona), Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre (Girona) among others. She is founding member of the EU funded project ELAA (European Live Art Archive) based in the University of Girona.

See her artist CV here.

Montse Seró

Montse is a ceramicist, visual poet and performance artist who has formed part of the Gresol team since 2010 . She has worked as production assisitant in FEM as well as coordinating the the post production and account justification of our funding applications and the event evaluation. She forms part of the Corpologia and Ocells al Cap groups and continues to coordinate our accounts.

Founder, organiser and promoter of Artistes a Cel Obert, since 2013,  she promotes and exhibits works in ceramics by artists from different disciplines.

See her artist CV here.

Marta Vergonyós

Marta describes herself as an amateur multidisciplinary artist, a lover of what she does: creative documentaries, performance, installations. She has collaborated with Gresol since 2009 in the curating and production of FEM and other events. As Director of the Francesca Bonnemaison Women’s Cultural Centre la Bonne in Barcelona, she has collaborated with Gresol on the project Cara a Cara – interviews and performances by women artists. She has also facilitated an ongoing collaboration with the members of Sindihogar the domestic workers Union based in la Bonne (Barcelona), in the form of workshops as well as in the development of performance works.

See her artist CV here:

Nuria Iglesias

Transdisciplinary artist who is currently studying for an Arts degree at the Open University of Catalunya (UOC). As a member of the Gresol team, she works in graphic design, audiovisual production, event production and cultural management and as such has participated in the production of FEM since 2016. Since 2019 she has been working to organise and  catalogue our extensive audiovisual archive both analog and digital as well as on our website and social media. She is also working on our new editorial project SYNC, producing our first edition of a series of monographic digital artists catalogues. She assists with the production of Intangible Environments, our research and education project. She is collaborating as a production assistant with ELAA (European Live Art Archive) an EU funded project based at the Chair of Contemporary Culture and Art at the University of Girona.

See her artists CV here.

Isa Fontbona

Ph.D. candidate in Cultural Studies and Sports, natural bodybuilder competitor, and a performance artist. Fontbona holds two Bachelor’s Degrees, in Philosphy and Art History, as well as a Master’s Degree in Humanity Research at the University of Girona, Spain. Currently, she is completing her dissertation on the artistic and gendered interventions enabled by female and trans bodybuilding practices. This project, more than a research, brought herself to the performance art sphere.

Her artist work merges different approaches into the same coin: her academic research, and her sports career. She explores the malleability of the body through her own skin, using bodybuilding and body modification as a tool. Through this corporeal practice, she visualizes the social pressure exerted on the expectations of the bodies.
In some of her artworks, she challenges herself to the limits of the endurance of her body.
She tends to ask about her own identity in relation to her body through uncomfortable positions and an honest gaze.

In most of her pieces, despite locating the foundation in her personal investigation, she intends to establish certain resonances to the audience allowing them to be part of the pieces. Putting herself in a vulnerable position, she likes to involve with the audience, give voice to them, letting them to weaving the meaning of the piece with freedom.

She has been developing pieces internationally since 2017, and she has been involved with different organizations such as: Experimental Action (Houston, US); Out of Site (Chicago, US), and Gresol Art (Spain), among others.

By modifying myself corporeally, I lose myself, I look for myself and I question myself,
If my identity is my body, a body in constant modification, I do not know who I am…
I am not the evanescent body that looks sick on stage; but neither the body out of competition.
For me, it is very difficult to locate my identity in just only one version of it.
Maybe I am all of them, or none… maybe I am in motion

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